Canon has reportedly suffered a ransomware attack on several of its web domains, with hackers claiming to have stolen users’ personal data.

An investigation by BleepingComputer, which claims to have received internal memos from a source at Canon detail the data breach, identified a list of Canon domains that have been affected by the breach.

What’s more, BleepingComputer claims to have obtained a partial screenshot of the alleged Canon ransom note, which reads:

“You cannot access the files right now. But do not worry. You can get it back! It is easy to recover in a few steps. We have also downloaded a lot of private data from your network, so in case of not contacting us as soon as possible this data will be released.

“If you do not contact us in in 3 days we will post information about your breach on our public news website and after 7 days the whole downloaded info.”’

In total, the hackers claim to have stolen 10TB of data from Canon, according to BleepingComputer.

For those of you that don’t know what ransomware is, it’s basically a virus that forces you to pay money to restore your stolen files.