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Antisemitic Women’s March Founder Linda Sarsour Secretly Visits Israel

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Women’s March founder and rabid anti-Semite Linda Sarsour made a secret visit to Israel over the summer, a country she previously deemed an “apartheid” society founded on “Jewish supremacy.”

Sarsour, a Palestinian-American Muslim, was visiting relatives in the West Bank, but also made a stop in the northern Israeli city of Haifa, which has a mixed Arab-Jewish population.

The activist made no mention of the visit to her social media followers. She only wrote on Facebook her daughters had visited “Palestine.”

Sarsour made headlines in April when Geico Insurance dropped her from a diversity and inclusion event marking Middle Eastern and North African Heritage Month, after Jewish groups protested her attendance.

As noted by Israeli journalist Gidon Ben-Zvi, Sarsour could not have picked a worse place to confirm her biases against Israel than Haifa. Muslim and Christian Arabs account for nearly 11 percent of Haifa’s population.

“Maybe Linda Sarsour’s hush-hush summer detour to Haifa will affect her thinking about Israel,” Ben-Zvi wrote.

“If not — as we suspect — then it will be clear that she is even worse than a garden-variety antisemite and demonizer of Israel,” he went on.

“Because to simply negate everything she experienced in Israel would make Linda Sarsour guilty of rank hypocrisy,” he concluded.

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