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Former FBI Deputy Director Says Biden Didn’t Go FAR ENOUGH With His Declaration of War Against MAGA Republicans

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Joe Biden’s sickening address Thursday night was the speech of a dictator.

With a dystopian, blood-red backdrop, Biden clenched his fists and yelled about Americans who disagree with him being violent extremists who “thrive on chaos.”

*Image from The Gateway Pundit*

However, Biden’s dictatorial speech wasn’t enough for some of his supporters.

“Disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who obsessed over investigating non existent ‘Russian collusion’, appeared on CNN and suggested that Biden should have gone further during the speech,” Summit News reported.

“People would like to have seen a bit more references to accountability. There really wasn’t much talk about what we’re doing about those insurrectionists,” McCabe proclaimed.


Summit News reported:

What exactly is McCabe suggesting? Perhaps Public executions of Trump supporters to send a message?

Elsewhere during CNN programming, Don Lemon laughably stated that Biden’s speech was a great example of how he is unifying the nation.

“Can the unifying message be that some of what he’s saying is true because… a lot of folks would go, where’s the lie? I don’t see no lies detective,” Lemon declared.

The guy just yelled that anyone who disagrees with him is a violent extremist who threatens the foundation of the country, and somehow that is unifying?

The network went on to laud Biden’s “full frontal attack” asserting that he is “reclaiming patriotism.”

Reporter Eva McKend declared that “Often you hear Republicans argue that they are the pro-America party. Right? The Democrats are not patriotic enough. But what was more pro-USA than this speech?”

“It was a very, very patriotic speech and I think that that is a lot of what Democratic voters across the country, they want to be patriotic too,” she added.

Former Trump aide Stephen Miller accurately asserted: “President Biden tonight gave the speech of a dictator, in the style of a dictator, in the visual of a dictator, using the words of a dictator.”

“This was his enemies of the state speech,” miller continued, adding “like every other radical, Marxist, tyrant, he accused his opponents of being fascist while he engages in oppressive authoritarian behavior.”

Via Rumble:

Tucker Carlson stated on his program that Biden’s speech was “dangerous” and “truly nuts.”



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