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Biden, Dems Heading in ‘One of the Most Dangerous Directions We’ve Ever Been’

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During an appearance on Mobile, AL radio FM Talk 106.5 on Friday, Rep. Gary Palmer (R-AL), chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee, reacted to President Joe Biden’s primetime address a night early from Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

Although Palmer said he did not watch the televised event, he warned the efforts to change the narrative by Democrats and Biden were taking the country in a “dangerous” direction.

“Well, in full disclosure, I didn’t watch it,” he said. “I just got bits about it. The background, first of all, was just totally weird. But I pretty much knew what he was going to say, and what it tells me is they know they can’t win on the issues. So they’re trying to change the narrative.”

“If you recall, about a week to 10 days ago, the left-wing media was all touting a poll that said the number one issue for the American voter was the threat against democracy,” Palmer continued. “That’s totally manufactured. And that’s what that was about last night. They can’t win on the cost of living. They can’t win on energy costs. They can’t win on the border. We just had the one-year anniversary of the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.”

“Where they’re heading is one of the most dangerous directions we’ve ever been in in this country,” he added. “It is so divisive, and I’m just hoping the American people see through it.”

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