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‘Stop Trying to Make Hunter Biden Conspiracy Theories Happen’

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Britain’s left-wing The Guardian has attacked the upcoming movie My Son Hunter in a column claiming the movie is trying to elevate the Hunter Biden laptop scandal beyond a fringe conspiracy theory. But the article ignores the fact that the laptop and its contents have been authenticated as real by multiple mainstream news outlets, including the New York Times and CNN.

Guardian columnist Emma Brockes describes My Son Hunter as a “piece of political porn dedicated to animating the wildest fringes of Trump chat-room banter.” She also offers a snide piece of advice: “guys, stop trying to make Hunter Biden conspiracy theories happen.”

It remains unclear if Brockes even saw My Son Hunter before she wrote the article, since the movie is not yet publicly available. It is only available now for pre-order until its release on September 7. The article is vague about whether or not she has seen it, though she clearly has seen the trailer. Breitbart News sent separate inquiries to Brockes and The Guardian but has not received replies.

My Son Hunter, which marks Breitbart’s expansion into film distribution, dramatizes the sordid personal life and shady business dealings of Hunter Biden, played by Laurence Fox. Directed by Robert Davi, the movie also stars John James as Joe Biden and Gina Carano as a Secret Service agent.

At the center of the movie is Hunter Biden’s laptop, which intersects paths with a stripper who befriends Hunter and assumes a central role in the narrative.

Watch the trailer:

The Guardian column dismisses the laptop as a “constant Republican talking point” that “never got much real-world traction outside the Fox News ecosystem.” This is true but only because the news media and Silicon Valley worked overtime to bury the laptop from hell.

For months, the establishment news outlets tried to dispel the laptop scandal as “Russian disinformation.” In some cases, like NPR, they refused to report on it at all in the months leading up to the 2020 presidential election.

Twitter and Facebook have both suppressed the New York Post’s original reporting on the laptop. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently told Joe Rogan that the FBI warned Facebook of an imminent “dump” of “Russian propaganda” shortly before the Hunter Biden laptop story broke.

Twitter’s former CEO Jack Dorsey admitted it was wrong to have censored the story. “We made a total mistake,” he said.

Since then, major outlets including the New York Times and CNN have reported that the laptop is authentic. NPR reporter Laura Sullivan criticized her own employer for burying the scandal.

Emma Gojkovic and Laurence Fox in “My Son Hunter.” (Courtesy of

John James and Laurence Fox in “My Son Hunter.” (Courtesy of

A recent poll showed 79 percent of Americans believe former President Donald Trump would have won reelection in 2020 if Hunter’s laptop had been known to voters.

The Guardian article acknowledges that some of the stories about the laptop “were true,” but then claims Joe Biden’s connections to Hunter’s dealings “have never been proven.”

The article fails to mention Hunter’s emails found on the laptop. Among them are correspondences about a Chinese energy deal, which included the phrase “10 held by H for the big guy?” Tony Bobulinski, a U.S. Navy Veteran and former business partner to Hunter Biden, has publicly stated that the “big guy” is “1000 percent” Joe Biden.

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