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Best Trump Videos You Will Ever See? One New One Added!

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This is an update to an article I posted a few days ago.

The article said: These are the three best Trump videos you will ever see!

And I stand by that, but I had a good friend write me to say I missed one.

And he’s right.

So I’m amended my list to include a 4th video…and I guess we can just call this the Mount Rushmore of great Trump videos!

Please enjoy the newest one (and scroll down for the original three).

Here’s the new add:

And since that will likely get deleted soon, here is a backup.

Watch on Rumble:

And now for the original three…


I still routinely get people emailing me asking for links to these three videos so I decided to put them all in one place.

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but this goes right to the top of the list.

I’m not sure which Trump video is truly the “best” ever, but at the very least, it’s on the Mount Rushmore of Trump videos.

And I think this is the video a reader was asking me about recently.

I couldn’t find the link…until now.

It was BANNED nearly everywhere online, until someone finally found a saved copy and put it up on Rumble.

So I’m calling it the Best Trump video I’ve ever seen.

Two minutes of raw adrenaline…I feel like I could run through a wall after watching this!

Note, this is different from the Most “Interesting” Trump video I’ve ever seen.

That is something I posted last week, and I’ll copy farther down below in case you missed it.

Watch it here while you still can, right here on Rumble:

And in case we need it, here is a backup.

Also on Rumble:

If you liked that, you need to see these next ones.

See them and share them.

A few more that were PURGED from YouTube but luckily saved:

SAVED FROM YOUTUBE: Q and The Plan To Save The World

Friends…I thought it was a good time to remind you of this.

You need to see this.

More importantly, your friends and family need to see this.

All voters need to see this!

Yes, you may have seen this before but it is more relevant now than ever.

Think this story is written?

Think it’s over.

Think again.

As “Deplorables” we have a certain view of the world.

That view includes things like understanding how the Deep State pulls the strings behind the scene, how many politicians and famous people are deeply corrupted, and on and on.

Have you ever struggled to share that view with others?

Because there are just so many moving pieces and it’s hard to pull it all together?

We’ve got you covered.

We just came across this AMAZING video that puts the whole story together in 13 minutes.

It’s brilliant.

And it will get your adrenaline pumping!

Because the good guys are about to strike back.  The plan has been laid and the good guys in government and in the military are ready to restore our country.

Many people don’t know what to make of Q, but many recent posts have shown whoever it is has a deep connection deep inside the White House.

And they’re the white knights.

READ MORE >> Is This Donald Trump In The Bible?

Please enjoy this video and please SHARE it like crazy, I saved it from the YouTube purge:

They fear the truth.

So here’s a backup from Bitchute if that gets taken down:

And here is one more backup.

One last backup, from Rumble:

And if you wanted to see the “Most Interesting” Trump video (different than Best) I have that for you right here.

This is a stunner.

The MOST Interesting Trump Video You Will Ever See…

I have something truly fascinating for you!

This really is the most most “interesting” Trump video I have ever seen, and trust me….I’ve see a lot!

This video explains so many things that you saw happen during President Trump’s first term with your own eyes but you probably didn’t realize what was truly going on behind the scenes.

I was hooked within the first couple minutes of watching this and I couldn’t stop watching until the end.

I expect you may be the same way.

I will say this….I don’t agree with his views on God and Christianity, which are very off in my opinion.

And I debated whether I even wanted to post this in light of some of his comments.

But ultimately, I’m not going to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

We report hundreds of news articles every single week and we don’t refuse to run a story before we check the faith of the person covered in the story.

So just know that if you are offended by that part of the video, I am not endorsing or agreeing with that part.

But the rest I find so absolutely fascinating (and believable) that I had to share.

I’d love to hear your thoughts….

Watch here on Rumble and then leave a comment:

Be sure to leave a comment below, I want to know what everyone thinks.

I will read them all.

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