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Danchenko Profited More From The Government Than President Trump Did

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President Trump was entitled to a salary of $400,000 per year…

In case anyone forgot, he donated every last cent, except the $1 per annum he was legally forced to take. He donated the money to veterans.

This is one of the noblest gestures I have ever seen by a sitting U.S. President or anyone in politics for that matter.

Contrast this with Igor Danchenko—an agent of the deep state. A man who took part in a scandal that made Watergate look like a picnic in a park.

As a part of his ongoing trial, it has been revealed that Danchenko made $220,000 for 3 years of ‘informants work’ and according to special agent Kevin Helson, Danchenko was worth every last dime.

Helson claims that Danchenko was a gold mine in terms of productive output for the F.B.I., producing 40 intelligence reports which led to 25 investigations.

He went on to say that Danchenko forever changed the way the F.B.I operated, and you know what? I don’t disagree!

Here are just some of the recent headlines on the Danchenko case:

According to The Epoch Times:

On Oct. 21, 2020, Helson submitted a final lump sum payment request of $346,000 for Danchenko, but the Department of Justice (DOJ) denied it. The arrangement ended with that.

“Would you agree that losing Mr. Danchenko was a blow to national security?” defense attorney Stuart Sears asked Helson.

“Yes,” he said, noting he routinely gets calls from fellow agents asking to speak with Danchenko about counterintelligence issues, especially since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


Techno Fog alluded to the idea that the cover-up and malfeasance permeated all levels of the F.B.I:

Interestingly, Danchenko appeared to have been given favorable treatment – even for a paid CHS. Helson said it’s typically standard practice that the monetary compensation is “based on the type of information” the source gives.

Danchenko, however, was paid thousands just to sit down and talk to the FBI.

Helson would eventually take part in interviews with Danchenko that were recorded without Danchenko’s knowledge.

Some of the questions were presented from Auten, such as Auten’s instructions to “Readdress the Sergei Millian matter. We have discrepancies.”

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