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Kash Finally Asked About President Trump Reposting Q!

29 September 2022

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Kash Finally Asked About President Trump Reposting Q!

Kash Patel was on Elijah Streams today with Steve Schultz and it was a great interview.

But one of the most interesting parts was when Kash was asked about President Trump finally recognizing Q and very publicly reposting Q messages.

Great question!

We have all been wondering…

Here’s what Kash had to say, watch here on Rumble:

Here’s more:

Kash was just asked why President Trump Retruthed a meme where he has a Q on his lapel.

Kash: “You gotta have fun with it… you know when people talk about whatever – QAnon or the number 17 – I see all this stuff on Truth Social… but if you can’t have fun with it and you can’t get people to relate to it, then you’re gonna really not have an effective messaging scheme…”

Kek. So if “QAnon” was this violent & dangerous conspiracy, do you think Trump & team would be “having fun” with it? 😉

Kash was also on SGT Report and that’s also worth the watch.

This is a little longer.

Watch here on Rumble:


In case you didn’t know the history, here’s what happened recently, leading to the question:

Trump Shares Q Post On Truth Social

Trump set the internet ablaze after he shared a Q post on his social media platform Truth Social.

The 45th President “retruthed” a picture of himself with the caption that read “The Storm Is Coming”.

Besides the phrase, the “storm is coming” Trump’s suit in the picture showed that he had a Q pin.

Take a look at the post here:

Did Trump unknowingly share the picture or did he knowingly share the photo?

Here’s Trump talking about Q during his presidency:

This isn’t the first time Trump shared a Q post he has done it several times.

NBC News had more on the story:

President Donald Trump spent Tuesday morning posting inflammatory messages on social media, including many explicitly promoting the QAnon conspiracy theory.

While Trump has in the past promoted QAnon-inspired accounts and theories, the posts on his Truth Social account were his most explicit, unobscured, QAnon-promoting and QAnon-baiting posts to date.

In one, he reposted the QAnon slogan — “Where We Go One We Go All.” In another, he re-posted a 2017 message from “Q” that’s critical of the intelligence community. The QAnon conspiracy theory was built around Q, an anonymous account that posts periodically on 8kun, often with vague or symbolic language that is then interpreted by followers. The account claims to document a secret battle being waged by Trump against the Democratic Party, which followers of the theory contend is run by satanic, child-eating cannibals who run a pedophile ring filled with celebrities and political elites who have been covertly running the United States government for decades.

And then this happened:

Why Was Everyone Pointing Up At Trump’s Rally?

During Trump’s rally in Ohio, an interesting occurred towards the end of Trump’s speech.

While the song “Where We Go One, We Go All” played hundreds of Trump supporters started pointing up to the sky.

There have been several takes on this and they are:

The supporters were pointing to God.

Another take was that they referenced that we need to put America first.

Another interpretation was that these people were Qanon supporters and their raising one finger up because WWG1WGA was playing.

Watch the moment it occurred here:

Business Insider had more details to add:

Former President Donald Trump on Saturday spoke at a rally for Ohio Senate candidate JD Vance while a QAnon song played dramatically in the background, and his supporters raised their fingers in an unusual salute.

In recent weeks, Trump has amplified QAnon talking points on his social media, but Saturday night’s spectacle in Youngstown, Ohio, was perhaps the clearest sign yet that he’s now openly embracing the baseless conspiracy theory.

As Trump complained about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, “Fake News,” and Hunter Biden’s laptop at the Ohio rally, a cinematic soundtrack played throughout.

According to Media Matters, the US-based media watchdog, the soundtrack appears to be a song previously released online with the title “Wwg1wga” — the QAnon slogan.

QAnon figures noticed the song choice, perceiving it as a nod to the movement by the former president. “QAnon figures are claiming the use of the song brings some kind of legitimacy for them,” said Alex Kaplan, a senior researcher for Media Matters, in a tweet on Saturday.

Here’s how PBS covered it:

PBS: “QAnon” Revolves Around Violence! It’s a Very Violent Fringe Group!

I don’t even know how many things in this clip are wrong, but there’s a lot and it’s only about a minute long.

I can’t even imagine being such an NPC that I would ever watch PBS or listen to what they tell me.

Complete poindexters…both the people on the air and the zombies who watch them.

But this one really takes the cake.

You gotta love this reporter in absolute panic talking about “QAnon”.

First of all lady, there is no “QAnon”.

There is Q.

And Q+.

And there are Anons.

There is nothing in existence known as QAnon.

But then you have to listen to the desperate questions, like MS13 has just ransacked her studio and she’s being held captive:

What can be done about it?  How should journalists cover it?  How should companies respond to it?

You can almost hear the fear in her voice…

So sad and so ridiculous.

Then you get Poindexter #2, the guy being interviewed.

This guy (who appears to be severely lacking in testosterone) appears just as panicked.

He labels “QAnon” as a “movement that revolves around violence”.

Wait, what?

I have been to dozens of Trump rallies and I have never seen even one shred of violent behavior (except by Far Left clowns who infiltrate and get thrown out).

What I’ve witnessed is love and camaraderie among thousands of people, everyone happy, everyone having a good time…and everyone getting along.

Everyone united under one purpose: loving America and wanting to see it great again.

The only “violence” is the J6 Scam staged by the Khaki Pants boys (you know who I mean).

Those weren’t MAGA people, so stop with the BS.

I guarantee you this clown has never attended a Trump rally, or if he has, then he’s just lying through his teeth.

Ok, enough ranting just watch it for yourself here on Rumble:

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