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Stay The Course No Matter The Cost!

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Ah, the week between Christmas and New Years…

…where I feel like Joe Biden because I don’t even know what day it is anymore!

If that’s you too, allow me to welcome you to SUNDAY!

Happy Sunday!

And like we always do, I have a wonderful Gospel message for you from our good friend Pastor Robb:

Today’s message is very prophetic.

The Lord has revealed to me what is to  come in this new year.

The message is titled, “Stay The Course No Matter The Cost”.

We as believers will face difficult decisions this year and beyond, but we must stay the course.

Let us find our hope in what the Lord has promised us.

He is faithful.

It’s a great message and I hope you enjoy it!

Watch here:

Pastor Robb’s message reminded me a bit of a Letter From The Editor I wrote yesterday.

Stay the course!

You can read that here:

An Open Letter To Anyone Who Is Upset With The Timing [From Noah]

This will be my final post (I think) in 2022.

Unless we get another death or something huge happens…

Which — hey — it very well could, I wouldn’t count anything out at this point!

We’ve had a Queen die, a Pope die, a TV icon die, and the year isn’t even over yet.

Oh, and the loss of my former associate Miles — I almost forgot about that — RIP Miles!  

Wow, that feels like ages ago, but it was this year.

Anyway…before we close out the year, I have to address a certain group of people.

The people who have lost all hope.

I’m not mad at you…

I get it.

You’ve seen countless things come and go…

Trump is still not back in office.

No major arrests of the “Elites” has happened.

The Resident is still in office.

I get it.

But I just have one question for you:

Did you really think taking our country back from a 6,000-year old Satanic cult was going to be easy?

Or quick?

These people are as evil as it gets and they’ve been infiltrating all parts of society for decades now, probably close to a century.

They’ve taken over the Hollywood, the arts, music, Universities, high schools, elementary schools, governments…

Did you really think we’d just snap our fingers and eradicate them?

This is a mission with all the cards on the table, and we only get one shot at it.

So to everyone grumbling and saying “if ____ doesn’t happen by ______ date, then I’m out”….I have to say, put on your big boy pants, stiffen your spine, strengthen your resolve, get your hope replenished, pray up and get back on the battlefield!

There’s a time for self-pity and wallowing and this ain’t it baby…

This is where we finish strong.

And we need EVERYONE on board.

That’s my opinion, and I have to say I was inspired to write this post based on the latest video posted by Juan O’Savin.

My opinion is very similar to his opinion.

This video is only 20 minutes long and if anything I’ve said in this article resonated with you, then you need to stop what you’re doing and watch this.

Watch here on Rumble:

2023 is going to be epic…

One truly for the history books.

And I want you to be with us on the frontlines.

Onward and upward!


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