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The “Trumpet Brothers” Supreme Court Case Could RULE At Any Moment! Simple Explanation!

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This is gonna blow some minds…

A lot of minds I assume!

Let’s start with October 24 and November 24, two key dates Bo Polny told us to watch.

Nothing happened, right?


It turns out, perhaps the biggest Supreme Court case EVER to be filed was filed on October 24 with reply deadline on November 24 and this thing is going to absolutely blow your mind!

We’ve covered it before, but I know it can be a little confusing so I have the PERFECT explanation of what is going on.

Juan O’Savin (who I really like!) was on Elijah Streams today and he laid it all out.

I mean, everything!

It was SO easy to understand and by the end I couldn’t even sit down, I was just pacing in my room with excitement!

Folks, it’s all coming together.

You have to understand this: the Clerk of the Supreme Court contacted the Brunson Brothers and asked them if they could speed up their filing!

That is almost unprecedented!

The Supreme Court wants this case!

And if it’s successful, the end result means all 388 people elected in 2020, including Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were elected Unconstitutionally and they DO NOT HOLD public office!

They’d be gone in one moment!

Just like Bo Polny told us, in a 24 hours period, everything changes!

Wiped out!


Trump immediately back in, as if he never left!

And here’s more beauty to the case: they don’t have to prove election fraud!

The case is much simpler than that.

Oh, and the case comes from four TRUMPet players, and the meaning of “four” is actually very significant, as Juan explains.

It’s the final act!

The final kill shot to the Bull.

I don’t want to spoil too much, but the Bull = Moloch.

Just trust me on this, this will be the BEST video you’ve seen in a long time, perhaps ever!

Yes, I mean that.

Watch here on Rumble and then leave a comment and let me know what you think:

Here’s a lot more about the Brunson Brothers and their Supreme Court case….

Remember, we were one of the FIRST news outlets to report on this!

The Brunson Brothers All Play The TRUMPet!

You may be asking yourself, who are the Brunson Brothers?

And why do I care?

I can answer that.

And you’ll care a lot!

So here’s the deal…

The Brunson brothers are the guys who filed the soon-to-be famous Supreme Court case of Brunson vs. Adams.

We’re calling it the “Miracle Supreme Court case”.

Here’s what people are saying about the case and the Brunson brothers who filed it:

High praise!

And well deserved.

They literally may go down in history as saving the Republic.

I’ll give you the full details about the case a little farther down below, but first you have to check this out…

These legal geniuses behind this case are also famous for….get this….playing the TRUMPet!

Check this out:

For more on that, you can watch their interview below, and near the end they talk about how they play the TRUMPet…

What a coincidence!

Watch here on Rumble:

Now let’s wrap things up by getting back to my friend Bo Polny.

And if you still have no idea about what I’m talking about, keep reading and I will fill you in…

HUGE Update On “Miracle” SCOTUS Case!

About a week ago, we reported on a HUGE case to reach the Supreme Court.

We were one of the first to do so.

In fact, even now not many outlets are reporting on this.

But it’s 100% real and verified by the court docket.

Let me bring everyone up to speed on what the case is first before I give you the updates.

It turns out, a huge case (a Petition for a writ of certiorari) was filed with the Supreme Court of the United States  (SCOTUS) just last month…

The case is captioned: Raland J. Brunson, Petitioner v. Alma S. Adams, et al.

It was docketed on October 24, 2022 (which you know is key if you’ve seen my interviews with Bo Polny)!

Here is a screenshot from the official Government SCOTUS website, which you can view for yourself here:

Here’s a zoom in:

Give that site time to load, it loaded very slowly for me.

But it is real.

Oh, and would you look at that:  Response due by November 23, 2022.

So what is a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari?

It’s essentially asking the Supreme Court to take this case.

Will they do it?

Only need 4 Justices to agree to take the case…

I can think of 4, can you?

The link to the full case in the 10th Circuit can be found here:

And the link to the full filing in the SCOTUS can be found here:

Again, give that time to load, it loads very slowly.

But here is a screenshot of the cover page of the filing:

To paraphrase Seinfeld:

“It’s real, and it’s spectacular!”

You can read the full case for yourself using that link above (it is mindblowing)…

Or you can watch this video which gives a full reading of it outloud:

Backup here on Rumble:

And now the updates!

A response was due from the Defendants by November 23, 2022…and we got one!

Actually we got a VERY STRANGE one.

They didn’t ignore it or refuse to reply.

They actually filed a reply but waived their right to respond!

Yes, you read that and understood that correctly…

The Government WAIVED its right to respond.

Here is the actual filing (which you can see for yourself is real right here on

Folks, this is crazy!

The case is real.

It’s moving forward.

The Government just WAIVED its rights.

And the stage is set for something truly epic!

This, combined with the FTX/Biden scandal, the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, Elon Musk revealing all the censorship on Twitter and about to publish all the receipts….it’s all hitting at once!

I have always told you that this thing can turn in ONE day!

In 24 hours, God can completely turn this around and Trump could be back in office by sunset.

People used to laugh when I said that, but as you’re now able to see some of the chess pieces being moved in for the kill, people aren’t laughing much anymore.

They’re cheering and waiting with excitement!

Here’s a lot more…

These guys break it all down in this video which is really good.

I know some of you don’t like Juan O’Savin, but I do!

And now that you’ve seen the court filings right on the SCOTUS website, you can’t say he’s just BS-ing.

This is real.

The other two guys in the video are tied to the group who filed the case.

They explain how it all came to be and what happens next.

This is really good, I was captivated listening to the whole thing.

Watch here on Rumble:

Now let’s wrap things up by getting back to my friend Bo Polny.

So…was Bo right all along?

He said October 24 and November 24 and it looks like he nailed both of those to the day!

He also nailed Bitcoin to the DAY of the turn.

If you missed my last interview with him, you definitely are going to want to check this out.

It’s starting to look like Bo may have accurately nabbed several different events which are all culminating together.

Keep reading…

Bo Polny Predicted The Bitcoin Crash TO THE DAY, Here’s What Comes Next…

I had Bo Polny back on my show today and we talked a LOT about crypto…

If you’ve been following the crypto markets or even just the news in general, you know crypto had an ugly week.

Huge crash…

Big players and exchanges going bankrupt over night!

In fact, I’m working on a big story right now that is set to expose and explain exactly how we may have just uncovered the biggest money laundering operation of all time…

And it may just be the thing that brings down Joe Biden and the entire evil regime.

Yes, it’s that big.

Here’s a sneak-peak:

But here’s the deal…

Bo Polny predicted the EXACT DAY of the crash with perfection!

He told his Newsletter subscribers back in October this was coming.

I couldn’t post about it ahead of time out of respect for the people that subscribe to his Newsletter, but now that it happened and he was right to the very day, I had to have him back on my show to break it all down.

We had a blast, and yes we also talked about September 24, October 24 and November 24.

You might be surprised to learn some of the details!

We also talked about Switzerland, the Egyptian Sphinx on top of Europe, gold and silver and a lot more!

Oh and of course Donald Trump!

This is so good and I’m excited for you to hear it.

Watch safely here on Rumble:

Backup here on YouTube:

👉 Download Bo’s slides for free:

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The entire history of the Newsletter is available to you when you sign up, which is something I love.

You can go back and read and see exactly how accurate Bo has been:

And then for anyone who wants to get started but is scared to do it wrong or doesn’t know how, this is for you.

A trusted guide, from a trusted friend.

There’s a lot of bad stuff out there, but I’m always happy to send people to Bo’s Easy Crypto School:


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