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Twins’ Gary Sanchez Nearly Bludgeoned by Practice Swing

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Boxers are told to protect themselves at all times. Baseball players would be wise to follow the same guidance when walking near hitters taking their practice swings.

Minnesota Twins catcher Gary Sanchez was obliviously making his way back to the dugout to get a scouting report on the pitcher he was about to face when he was nearly smashed by a practice swing from teammate Gilberto Celestino.

“I had a few minutes to go and ask a couple questions about that pitcher,” Sanchez explained. “I saw his bat was on his shoulder just standing there in the on-deck circle and so I went back to the dugout and I didn’t notice he was swinging.”

Despite his brush with almost certain multiple facial fractures and perhaps life-altering injuries, Sanchez shook off the incident.

“He almost hit me, but thank God, nothing happened,” Sanchez said. “It’s just an accident. It’s fine.”

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