It’s a small thing, a spec of dust, but once it’s implanted itself on the surface of your sensor it’ll dominate every picture you take. Removing dust from a sensor is a delicate process, but easy enough to do, as long as you’re careful and have the right kit.

Cleaning dust and scratches is a Photoshop fundamental and although repairing and restoring old photo’s is time-consuming, removing a speck of dust is fast enough.

The whole process can be carried out from within Photoshop, with the same process also possible in Lightroom.

1. Open your photo in Photoshop

This is the photo we’re going to use as an example.

2. Zoom into the dust

Next step is to zoom into the dust so you can see it clearly, and unlock the layer as shown up above. To zoom in the photo hold down CTRL (Windows) / CMD (MacOS) and use the scroll on your mouse to zoom in and zoom out.

3. Select the “Spot healing brush tool”

The “Spot Healing Brush” is on the left hand side toolbar in 8th place downwards by default as shown above. Brush the area with the dust spot and watch magic happen!

4. Double check your image

While keeping the photo zoomed out, make sure you double check for other dust spots. If you still have other dust spots repeat the same process: zoom in, use the healing brush, zoom out. Once completed export your photo.